Hayashi Teppanyaki Restaurant



We are a family-owned business located in the heart of Castle Hill, bringing a fun and authentic Japanese dining experience to the local community for the past 25 years.

Hayashi Teppanyaki Restaurant was founded in 1996 by Owner, Chef Ronnie Cheong and managed by his lifetime partner, Lucy Lim. A Singaporean-born with a dream to one day open and run his very own restaurant. A natural showman with an entertaining personality, bringing his love of food and culinary cooking from his teppanyaki hotplates to many.

What started as a small and humble beginning, unafraid to mingle with his audience and discuss everything from cooking to their lives around the fiery hotplates, Ronnie has brought Hayashi Teppanyaki into Castle Hill and making what it is today.

​With a preference for fresh and bold flavours, every single dish on the menu is carefully prepared to dazzle the five senses. Hayashi Teppanyaki has transformed every perfect plate of food filled with passion and a desire to be the very best to all in the area.

Unit 9, 23 Terminus Street, Castle Hill, NSW 2154