The Choi Kwang Do Master Academy



Teaching modern martial arts for everyday people. A great gift certificate idea for a friend or family member. Can be used for any purchases at our Academy… self defence courses, tryout programs, training fees, equipment, uniforms, memberships, personal training sessions, online courses and live online classes and more.

Crush your fitness goals while learning how to protect yourself with our Street Self Defence.

We have specific and group age classes at our academy to suit everyone!

However, it is not always possible to fit in classes around your family’s busy schedule or come to a studio regularly.

At The Choi Kwang Do Master Academy we are committed to giving every member of our community in every circumstance the opportunity to access the benefits of martial arts training, so all of our curriculum’s are now available online!

Special sign up offers are available on our website and at our studio – we would love to see you sometime soon!

741 Riverway Drive, Thuringowa Central, QLD 4817