a photo journey through my fave tokyo 'hoods

1-4. Grabbing a coffee and a flick through cookbooks, design, fashion and travel magazines at Tsutaya in Ropponghi. A place both Yasmin and I spent many hours at when we lived here | MAP IT 

1. Wandering the back streets of Nishi Azabu, my old hood |  2. Space is precious in Tokyo! |  3. A gorgeous little Scandinavian cafe in the back streets of Nishi Azabu | 4. There are vending machines on the side of every street in Tokyo, selling everything from cigarettes and coffee to soft drinks and beer | MAP IT

1. The infamous Prada building in Omotosando | 2. Back streets of Omotesando | 3. Cute kid giving us the peace sign | 4. Gorgeous homewares store in Aoyama, Sempre | 5. Back streets connecting Omotosando to Shibuya |  MAP IT

1. The famous Harajuku street | 2. Wall of Sake Barrels in Yoyogi Park | 3. Wishes written on wooden panels in the Meiji Shrine Courtyard | 4. Courtyard at Meiji Shrine | MAP IT

1- 2. Tea at the incredibly designed Aman hotel | 3- 5. Wandering the Imperial Palace gardens | MAP IT

1-2. A must do when you visit Tokyo is Tokyo City View. Visit just as the sun is setting behind the city and grab a glass of champagne on your way up to the roof. Very special | MAP IT

Photos shot by Morgan Ione Yeager in Tokyo, Japan.