salted tahini cups with a ginger and cardamom coffee filling

Dairy free, Raw, Vegan

Salted Tahini Cups with a Ginger and Cardamom Coffee Filling
Salted Tahini Cups with a Ginger and Cardamom Coffee Filling

photos by Morgan Ione Yeager

"People often ask me how i find my inspiration for recipes and the answer is: everywhere! It might be a dish i've had at a restaurant or a salad a friend has made me for lunch, a recipe i've seen in a cookbook or in this case, a photo i saw on instagram by the ever delicious Tales of Kitchen

I took Chris's recipe and adapted it by adding ginger and cardamom to the filling and changing the quantities of the tahini slightly. I also played around using almond butter instead of the tahini and it was delish! If you don't have any ginger, the cardamom is perfect on it's own or you could even scrap the coffee and use chai tea instead! Play around and let me know what you think..."

INGREDIENTS: (makes 6)

3/4 cup raw tahini

3/4 cup coconut oil - soft or melted (not hard)

a few big pinches of sea salt

1 cup medjool dates, pitted (about 8-10)

1/2 cup cold brew coffee

pinch ground ginger

pinch ground cardamom

  1. Line a cupcake tray with 6 paper cups (or you could try making a small slice if you don't have cupcake trays. It may be a little messy when you want to cut it though...)
  2. Throw the tahini, coconut oil and salt into a food processor until mixed together. Spoon about 2 tbsp into each paper cup and transfer to the freezer to set. Setting the remaining mixture aside.
  3. Throw the dates, coffee, ginger and cardamom into a high speed food processor until smooth and super thick.
  4. Check the cups in the freezer to see if they are hard. When ready, evenly spread the date mixture on top of each cup and then the remaining tahini mixture on top of that. Transfer back to the freezer until hard (about 15-20 mins)
  5. When ready, remove from freezer and let sit for 5 mins to soften and then eat immediately!