a brekkie favourite- stewed peaches and almond butter on toast

Vegan, Dairy free, Gluten free option

Stewed Peaches and Almond Butter on Toast. Vegan, Dairy free, Gluten free option.

photo by Morgan Ione Yeager

"Fresh, in season peaches. Is there anything better? I could think of a million things to do with with this heavenly fruit but this is definitely one of my favorites. I don't eat a lot of bread but i am occasionally a sucker for a good, locally made, artisinal sourdough and this combo is to die for. If you're a dairy eater then adding a cheese like ricotta or camembert instead of the almond butter is DELICIOUS. You could also add crushed hazelnuts or fresh herbs like mint or even basil for an interesting twist. Have a play around and see what works for you. Another nice thing to do is to cook the peaches with a little ginger. It add such a lovely flavor to the overall combo!"

I N G R E D I E N T S:  (no quantities for this one as it is pretty self explanatory!)

fresh peaches, sliced

raw honey

almond butter

your favorite bread

  1. In a saucepan, stew the peaches in a little water over low heat with the lid on for about 20 - 30 minutes. You can do this the night before to save time or if the peaches are super ripe you could also skip this step and just eat them raw.
  2. Toast the bread
  3. Spread the almond butter on the toasted bread, add the peaches, drizzle with honey and eat immediately!