dinner is served! pumpkin, leek and brussel salad with a carrot, orange and ginger dressing

Dairy free, Gluten free, Pescetarian

Pumpkin, Leek and Brussel Salad with a Carrot, Ginger and Orange Dressing
Pumpkin, Leek and Brussel Salad with a Carrot, Ginger and Orange Dressing
Pumpkin, Leek and Brussel Salad with a Carrot, Ginger and Orange Dressing

photos by Morgan Ione Yeager

"I have always loved the combo of carrot and ginger but could never quite master a dressing until Jodi Moreno walked into The Treehouse kitchen with her absolutely delicious version last summer! I immediately scoured her site to find the recipe and started playing around with it to make it my own. Simplifying it a little by taking out a few things that aren't always in our cupboards and switching out the honey for an orange to give it a citrus-y twist.

And I use this dressing for EVERYTHING. It keeps in the fridge for almost a week and i use it over rice and veg, salad or even as a dip with crudite. YUM!

You don't have to add salmon to this recipe. It is absolutely delicious all on it's own. If you eat dairy though, i think a soft, creamy goats cheese would be a delicious addition. Enjoy!"


INGREDIENTS: (serves 2)

 1 leek, ends off and roughly sliced

1 cup quinoa

a couple of handfuls of brussel sprouts, ends cut off and individual leaves peeled (this is a great job to give the kids or husband as it can be quite tedious!) 

1 small butternut pumpkin, skin off and roughly chopped

olive oil + sea salt 

1/2 orange , peeled and sliced - optional

2 pieces of wild salmon - optional


FOR THE DRESSING: (serves 4)

1 small bunch carrots, peeled and roughly chopped

couple big chunks of ginger, peeled

1 small- medium shallot, peeled

1 tbsp tamari

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

4 tbsp olive oil 

pinch sea salt 

1/2 orange

2 tbsp water

  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line a baking tray with paper and lay the pumpkin on it evenly, brush with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Place in the oven for about 30 minutes or until soft. (option to add leek on the tray too, instead of using a fry pan)
  2. Cook quinoa as per instructions.
  3. Throw all of the dressing ingredients into a high speed food processor and blend until smooth. Taste test and add more of what you think it needs to suit your taste buds. It may need more ginger or more vinegar.
  4. In a medium fry pan over medium heat, heat up 1 tbsp oil and sautee the leek for about 5 minutes or until soft. (no need to to this if you put it in the oven instead)
  5. Remove the leek from the pan and set aside, then do the same with the brussel leaves. Adding a little more oil so they don't burn.
  6. When the pumpkin is ready, throw it and the quinoa, brussels, optional orange slices, leek and half the dressing into a large bowl and mix together (or plate up first and add dressing after) 
  7. Add a piece of cooked salmon on top. I baked this one for about 20 minutes at 400F. But you could pan fry or even BBQ it. Whatever floats your boat!