I'm originally from Sydney, Australia

I'm 38 years old (eek!)

I have 2 cats that I love like crazy

Only one ex husband (hehe)

I'm a Sagittarius with a serious love for travel that has driven me to spend my entire life exploring the world

I lived in Tokyo for a year, did a short stint in London, and then a very long 12 year stint in NYC

I currently live back in Sydney…. kind of

I haven't eaten any red or white meat for 19 years but i do eat fish, eggs and occasionally an entire cheese plate

I run, a lot

Anything French or Japanese makes me happy

My last meal would be a salad niçoise and a glass of rosé

Sushi and a glass of crisp, cold sake comes a close second

Wait, caviar and champagne is pretty good too!

And nothing beats enjoying a dozen Sydney rock oysters with a filthy martini watching the sun set over Bondi Beach...

... So I guess I have 4 last meals


My favourite places in the world (in no particular order) are: Paris, The south of France, Tokyo, Africa, Bali, India, St Barts, Aspen...

Hmm, favourites are hard!

But my heart and soul will always belong to Australia

Did i mention that i love to travel?

Summer is my favourite season of the year

Winter makes me seriously depressed (unless I'm skiing, of course)

I love all things art, architecture, fashion and design

I have a tiny (large) shoe addiction

I'd take nature over the city any day

Whilst living in New York, i worked as a sustainable farming and food educator at Stone Barns, in PR and Events at Charity:Water, as a master lettuce washer at Balsam Farms (hehe) and a hostess with the mostest at Mobys.

I am a qualified kids yoga instructor and worked with lower socio economic schools in NYC to bring yoga and wellness to their classrooms.

And on a personal note, i grew up with a disabled sister who has been an incredible life challenge for our family and after losing my dad to cancer 6 years ago, I was driven to found the then very popular ‘Eat Real Food’ instagram account and off the back of that, The Treehouse Retreats 

Since being back in Sydney- I have founded the businesses Play With Us and Community.

I am also the proud owner of Aspen Loft and North Bondi Pad with a few more very exciting properties coming your way very soon...

Did someone say Byron Bay?

Watch this space!

Heather xo