I'm originally from Sydney, Australia

I'm 37 years old (eek!)

I have 2 cats that i love like crazy

Only one husband (he he)

I'm a Sagittarius with a serious love for travel (taking me to 63 countries... so far!) 

Over the past 14 years i have lived in Tokyo,  London and NYC

I currently live back in Sydney

I haven't eaten any red or white meat for 18 years but i do eat fish, eggs and occasionally an entire cheese plate

Anything French makes me happy

My last meal would be a salad niçoise and a glass of rosé

Sushi and a glass of crisp, cold sake comes a close second

Wait, caviar and champagne is pretty good too!

And nothing beats enjoying a dozen Sydney rock oysters with a filthy martini watching the sun set over Bondi Beach...

... So I guess I have 4 last meals


My favourite places in the world (in no particular order) are Africa, Bali, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, France, St Barts, Aspen...

Hmm, favourites are hard!

But my heart and soul will always belong to Australia

Did i mention that i love to travel?

Summer is my favourite season of the year

Winter makes me seriously depressed (unless i'm skiing)

I love all things art, architecture, fashion and design

I have a tiny (large) shoe addiction

I'd take nature over the city any day

I worked as an educator at Stone Barns for 3 years

Also at Charity:Water and Balsam Farms 

I am a qualified kids yoga instructor 

I founded The Treehouse Retreats 

And I am the proud owner of Aspen Loft and The Treehouse... with North Bondi Pad, Palmy and a few more very exciting properties coming your way very soon...

Watch this space!

Heather xo